Memphis Tennessee Man Beaten to Death by Police

 In Memphis, Tennessee videos showing the violent arrest of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols, a Memphis man who died three days after he was beaten by police in a traffic stop Jan. 7, have been released by Memphis officials. Videos, which consists of both body cam footage and street surveillance footage, were made public by the city of Memphis friday evening. Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis said “she … Continue reading Memphis Tennessee Man Beaten to Death by Police

Damar Hamlin Conspiracy Confirmed

Twenty days after his collapse, Damar Hamlin has attended a playoff game against the Bengals. American Anti-Vaxxers picked apart the news coverage and online posts documenting his return to the stadium. They say that pro Football Player’s glasses and face covering were a disguise and attributed the blurry shots of him not to a raging snowstorm, but to a more sinister coverup. Also mentioned is … Continue reading Damar Hamlin Conspiracy Confirmed

Leader of Scientology Missing!

David Miscavige, the fiery, controversial and elusive head of Scientology, who’s being sought by lawyers in a child trafficking suit brought by former church members in federal court.   The case involves three plaintiffs who once belonged to the sect’s notorious military-style Sea Org and who allege the children were forced to enter the church ad work for no money. Valeska Paris, along with married couple Gawain and Laura … Continue reading Leader of Scientology Missing!