Leader of Scientology Missing!

David Miscavige, the fiery, controversial and elusive head of Scientology, who’s being sought by lawyers in a child trafficking suit brought by former church members in federal court.  

The case involves three plaintiffs who once belonged to the sect’s notorious military-style Sea Org and who allege the children were forced to enter the church ad work for no money. Valeska Paris, along with married couple Gawain and Laura Baxter, filed the complaint last year after quitting Sea Org more than a decade ago.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, process servers have tried 27 times over four months to serve Miscavige in both Los Angeles, where Scientology has a formidable presence, as well as its headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., the Tampa Bay Times reported, citing court records. Security guards have repeatedly refused the documents, saying they don’t know where he is. A federal judge in Tampa listened to both attorneys and said she will issue a ruling sometime in the future about whether Miscavige can be considered served.

Former top-ranking Scientologists told The Post that 62-year-old Miscavige, who seized power after L. Ron Hubbard died. David is deathly afraid of going to court and will do anything to evade the tenacious attorneys who have been trying to serve him with papers.

Lets see how long until he shows up again.

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